The Lancet is one of the world’s best known, oldest, and most respected general medical journals. While in London, Joanna took a trip to Camden to visit the editor-in-chief  Richard Horton. Richard is a passionate advocate for improving the lives of the world’s poorest people.  He got Joanna’s attention by drawing  attention to the millions of the world’s “virtual people.” It’s not a new computer game, it is a very important task. There are people who are born, live and die and no one even knows they exist.  Over 50 million people a year, are born and they are not registered, not counted in population estimates, and for all intents and purposes, they are invisible.  That’s shocking,  Every one of us in a small way, can make our lives count for something – lets make our lives count, so that we can in whatever way we can, do something to help the world’s “virtual people.”

Joanna is really starting to see some interesting places and meet some interesting people, but there are so many more she could meet that she doesn’t know about!

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Check out this website I was put onto by a friend recently. A super cool mix of men’s, women’s and children’s clothes. The website really promotes young brands and people trying to make their label known. I am a big fan.

Plain and simple, conversation starter.

The design that describes me.

An interesting design switch.

Quite similar to Asos marketplace and boutique – street shots and young people.

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Joanna Chills With a West African Musician  in Montreaux – Montreaux.  Located on the westcoast of Africa and filled with mangroves and palm trees, Guinea’s captial – Conakry, is one of the wettest cities in the world. Guinea’s major resources are gold, diamonds, aluminium, bauxite and iron ore. West Africa is one of the few places I have not visited – but thankfully I found a friend that had moved from Guinea and was playing music in Montreaux!  I found a translater and found out that his instrument was a Kora and he had made it himself by hand. People who are not part of the industrial business in Guinea, live by growing and selling crops and are known for their hand carving.  Joanna stopped and enjoyed his music for the afternoon.

Fashion Week Fave’s.

Alexander Mcqueen –

Ridiculous and meticulous ocean , coral couture.

Lace dresses with leather applique. Even Sexier than Catwoman.

Paco Rabanne –

Hard-wearing shoulder pads and sexy silhouette’s.

Futuristic disco dolls.

Emanuel Ungaro –

Casual, floral, siesta vibes.

Elegant, simple, stunning prints.

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“According to Chinese mythology, the 27th century BC marked the birth of Sericulture, the rearing of silk worms for raw silk production. The story has it, that a silk cocoon fell into an Empress’ tea, and as she unraveled it from the cup, she had the idea to weave it. Silk and the silk road became a focus of commerce for hundreds of years. In time, silk would conquer the world as people were seduced by its sensuous look and feel.”

See our sensuous silk on the ‘Emily Wedge’.

The silk print for the Jock Fairweather SS12 collection – was custom designed by ex-Diane Von Furstenburg print guru, ‘Suki Cheema’.

There was an exhibition Located just near the Golden Lane campus for Footwear (where I studied Shoe Design and Making) – which was hidden away in an old building on a side street. It exhibited some of Britain and Korea’s, new up and coming designers. The designs varied between clothing, home appliances, art, furniture, lighting, cards, sculptures and even fireplaces. This exhibit was a great accidental find and a huge eye opener into the talent that the design culture that London possesses; The exhibition is on St John’s street, near Farringdon station.

What caught my eye;

Marta Mattson; (amazing jewellery pieces – bugs cut in half and filled with crystals)

Nadine Spencer; (superb lighting sculpture)

Lukas Dahlen (Lighting Innovation)

Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva; (Technically stunning fireplaces)

Charlie Sekers; (something to really liven up your room)

Satorukusakabe Design; (Digital and Futuristic Innovation at its best)

Ornella Stocco; (In house scaffolding)

This exhibition had some of the most exciting design concepts that I have seen for quite some time (without having disposable ££££££’s). Please look into those links that I have posted – I am very excite.


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Jock Fairweather SS12 Campaign Shot – Featuring the Joanna.