Seattle is famous for its skyline. Seattle built its first skyscraper in 1904 and has undergone several construction booms since. Nineteen of the twenty tallest buildings in Washington are located in Seattle. Seattle has 12 skyscrapers that rise more than 152 metres. Seattle’s skyline is ranked first in the Northwestern United States.


The Pike Place Market is a Seattle Institution.  It is right on the waterfront near the downtown area and is a  place to get great, fresh food,  see the famous Seattle fish throwing, and take in the music and character of this thriving market.  The guys from the world famous Pike Place Fish Market wanted to throw Joanna, along with a huge salmon ! They didn’t, but posed for a photo instead.  They are a great bunch of characters – a must see place in Seattle.

Smelly Joanna!

If you don’t love watches, do a little bit of research into watchmaking and the engineers these men really are – and I guarantee you will change your mind.

In terms of quality, status and fame – Rolex are the epitome. The first self-winding Rolex wristwatch was offered to the public in 1931 (powered by an internal mechanism that used the movement of the wearer’s arm) !

The Vintage Watch Company was established in 1995 dedicated to showcasing Vintage Rolex wristwatches from c1910- c1970.

Our collection of over 750 pieces is simply unparalleled and we are proud to have become a destination store for the world.

The Vintage Watch Company has also built an unrivalled collection of Vintage Rolex Sports watches from c1950 onwards. We offer you the unique opportunity to view under one roof some of the Rarest Vintage Rolex Sports models in the world.

Choose from The First Rolex Submariner, later coined the James Bond, or the Early GMT Master made for Pan Am transatlantic Pilots. Decide between the First Rolex Explorer’s made famous by the Everest Expedition or the later Explorer II worn by Steve McQueen. We also specialise in Early Chronograph and Pre Daytona Rolex watches aswell as all later Daytona models.

Joanna stops in Washington DC the political heartland of America.  The city exudes class and politics.  Historic buildings and wide green avenues give an elegant and stylish feel to the city – the Whitehouse, the Pentagon and the US Treasury to name a few.   Joanna stops to see the US Treasury which delivers a federal budget of about 3500 billion dollars – that would buy quite a lot of shoes!

Joanna steps into the British Airways First Class Lounge at Heathrow, to sample the iconic champagne bar.  The British Airways First Class Lounge in Terminal 5 is a haven from the hustle  and bustle of the departure concourse. The champagne bar is a a great place to stop before a long flight and to sample the finest vintage champagnes.  On the day Joanna stopped in there was a selection of Laurent Perrier vintage champagnes.  Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier has been avant-garde in creating unique and  elegant  champagnes for over 200 years. Laurent-Perrier makes vintage Champagne only in the very best years, when the characteristics of the harvest create a wine that is in keeping with a style and quality that merits the Laurent-Perrier signature. Vintage Champagnes from Laurent-Perrier are rare because the majority of vintage year grapes are used in the House’s multi-vintage wines. In order for Laurent-Perrier to produce vintage Champagne, they not only need superior grapes, but an abundance of them.

Beautiful heels with exquisite champagne…!



Out on a mission to find a person that I want to collaborate with for SS13, I visited the Origin Show  at London Spitafields. It is quite a small show area, but they really pack it in tight and there was a lot amazing work on show!

There were two really interesting Lighting installations;

Tsai & (Super over the top, bright and colourful sculpture – that could light any room on fire)

Niamh (A links of London light, which was pure elegance and class – completed with perfect metal hand sculpting)

Although the two light installations were big, bold and eye-catching, it was really the small and delicate work that caught my interest.

Rebecca J 

“As a paper artist my work currently focuses on the reinvention of entomological cataloguing, display and the assemblage of shapes. I am fascinated with the process by which three-dimensional decorative forms materialise out of flat sheets of paper. By deconstructing various paper ephemera I create unique works of art.

The delineation of these forms within the ethos and methods of my work requires an absolute labour of love, where repetition has always been notable and each piece is composed of hundreds if not thousands of profiles.

Each shape is hand drawn and then intricately hand cut from carefully selected paper, focusing on recycling a medium that would otherwise be discarded and lost. I dissect small details of colour, imagery and text into silhouettes that are then re-sculptured, pinned and encased. My aim is to transform an every day object into a piece of work that invites the viewer to see beyond its original source.”


“Made by juxtaposing malleable dark rubber with polished metal, these are intricate sculptures that are framed and complimented by the body. Reflecting our curves and angles to emphasize and celebrate the beauty in nature. Soft, tactile and moveable these creations need to be seen and touched to be fully appreciated.

Not only are these pieces unique, they grow from a sustainable, ethical perspective. The design is of primary importance, the fact the materials are reclaimed is fundamental but not obvious. All pieces are made by hand in her London studio, each is a one-off, an art work in itself.”

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