Joanna and Laurent-Perrier – unique and elegant.

Joanna steps into the British Airways First Class Lounge at Heathrow, to sample the iconic champagne bar.  The British Airways First Class Lounge in Terminal 5 is a haven from the hustle  and bustle of the departure concourse. The champagne bar is a a great place to stop before a long flight and to sample the finest vintage champagnes.  On the day Joanna stopped in there was a selection of Laurent Perrier vintage champagnes.  Founded in 1812, Laurent-Perrier has been avant-garde in creating unique and  elegant  champagnes for over 200 years. Laurent-Perrier makes vintage Champagne only in the very best years, when the characteristics of the harvest create a wine that is in keeping with a style and quality that merits the Laurent-Perrier signature. Vintage Champagnes from Laurent-Perrier are rare because the majority of vintage year grapes are used in the House’s multi-vintage wines. In order for Laurent-Perrier to produce vintage Champagne, they not only need superior grapes, but an abundance of them.

Beautiful heels with exquisite champagne…!



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  1. PeppermintLucy said:

    omg! i love it!! so jealous!!

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