Emerging Designers.

There was an exhibition Located just near the Golden Lane campus for Footwear (where I studied Shoe Design and Making) – which was hidden away in an old building on a side street. It exhibited some of Britain and Korea’s, new up and coming designers. The designs varied between clothing, home appliances, art, furniture, lighting, cards, sculptures and even fireplaces. This exhibit was a great accidental find and a huge eye opener into the talent that the design culture that London possesses; The exhibition is on St John’s street, near Farringdon station.

What caught my eye;

Marta Mattson; http://www.martamattsson.com/About.html (amazing jewellery pieces – bugs cut in half and filled with crystals)

Nadine Spencer; http://www.artsthread.com/viewer/project.aspx?pj=13493&p=3201 (superb lighting sculpture)

Lukas Dahlenhttp://lukasdahlen.se/products/tripod/ (Lighting Innovation)

Alexandra Mazur-Knyazeva; http://www.essenceofflame.co.uk/home/final-pieces (Technically stunning fireplaces)

Charlie Sekers; http://charliesekers.com/lightlight/ (something to really liven up your room)

Satorukusakabe Design; http://northskusakabe.jimdo.com/works/2011/streetview-vandalizer/ (Digital and Futuristic Innovation at its best)

Ornella Stocco; http://ornellastocco.com/#s1pr2 (In house scaffolding)

This exhibition had some of the most exciting design concepts that I have seen for quite some time (without having disposable ££££££’s). Please look into those links that I have posted – I am very excite.

http://www.jockfairweather.com      https://twitter.com/#%21/JockFairweather     https://theramblingshoe.wordpress.com/



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