100% Design.

My final run in of Design shows for this week was the 100% Design Fair. I left the biggest for last and I’m not sure my leg’s were as keen as my mind was. What I didn’t realize, was that, this was a fair for interior’s and product design – all the more interesting! There were some pretty amazing ideas… I have posted some of the Images I took on my BB, on Twitter – like a Life Size Rhinoceros Mould Chair…

Here is a list of what I really liked from my final London Design Festival Exhibition, for 2011.

Axo – http://www.axolight.it/ (Amazing Lighting)

Lana+Savettiere – http://www.lana-savettiere.com/ (Fun Industrial Design)

Maximoriera – http://www.maximoriera.com/html/# (Ridiculous Chairs)

Paperself – http://www.paperself.com/ (Super Creative Eyelash Creations)

Polish Design Studio – http://www.contemporist.com/2010/10/28/coffee-bench-by-beyond-studio/ ( What I call Industrial Design)

Andreea Mandrescu – http://www.andreeamandrescu.com/# (Innovative and exquisite Fabric manipulation)

What a great finish to the week. Have a super weekend – Joanna is loving her travelling weekends!… When she isn’t stuck in castles.

I hope you enjoyed what you saw as much as I enjoyed finding it!



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