Joanna Incarcerated in Chillion Castle

My  Spring Summer 2012 collection, was inspired by architecture and the sunshine. The architectural lines came directly from some of my favourite architects – in particular –  Zaha Hadid. The lines are long and straight with curved edges, there is a lot of layering and overlapping surfaces.  I  believe  that shoe design is not what you can put on the shoe, but the shapes that you can make.

The colours of my Spring Summer Collection 2012, in particular the blue, orange and coral are the colours that I relate to from the Sunshine State  where I grew up.  That wonderful place  Queensland! The purple and grey are more chic, but still make a dramatic statement.  Each style is available in full nude and full black – for the more conservative. The spring summer collection, is a real eye catcher and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Joanna Incarcerated in Chllion Castle – Switzerland.  The Bernese conquered the Vaud Region and occupied Chillion in 1536. For more than 260 years the castle was used as a fortress, arsenal and prison. After retreating from the castle, they have now returned and taken Joanna Captive.

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  1. Cool shoes. ;)

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