First days of LDF

In between all of my meetings this week, I have been fitting in as many visits to exhibitions and places that are part of London Design Festival. I have come across some very interesting and inspiring exhibitions, shops and creations. Here are a list of the things I saw and Loved during the first few days at LDF.


Southbank exhibition Centre shop; (The perfect shop to waste money on things you don’t need but want!)

Oxo Tower ; (Eating, shopping, relaxing, artists and creatives)

Loco Mocean; (Huge money wasting shop, hilarious though!)

International Exhibition-

Across from the Oxo Tower, The African Caribbean design diaspora;

Gary Marsh  (African inspired sculptures – exaggerated faces, softly toned but with a huge presence within the room)

Berjo Mouanga; (Digital artwork printed on shirts, cinema history and film posters from four different countries)

Jeremy Salmon; (Beautiful, vibrant paintings on canvas)

Lindsay Robertson; (Amazing photography work)

The African Caribbean exhibition was really touching and the people involved chose very inspiring, emotional subjects. It was an interesting exhibition and I recommend spending that extra 30 minutes of your time, here, which is guaranteed to make your day.


Mr Jones Watches; – very creative and interesting watches. and


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