The Rambling Shoe

My design inspiration comes from all around the wonderful world that we live in.

Quite by chance, I was on a visit to Geneva, with a sample of one of my spring summer collection, “Joanna” to show some prospective buyers.   “Joanna” is the leading shoe in my  Spring Summer 2012 Collection.

After I met the buyers, I took a day trip to Chaminoix and Mont Blanc, so I still had my shoe with me.  I decided to take my shoe to the  peak of Mont Blanc. With an altitude of above 3800m I was a bit light-headed and an  idea sparked.  It was a magnificent summer’s day, with the white peaks of Mont Blanc sparkling against the blue sky.  I just had to take out my shoe, and photograph the vivid  violet and white Joanna shoe in that stunning setting. It was a fabulous shot!

I then saw the potential to ensure that my shoes were seen as global travelers and decided to photograph  my shoes around the world, in every possible setting.  I thought it would be a great idea to shoot the main shoe from each collection I do, in the  amazing places I travel to. Joanna, other than being a very close friend of mine; Is the exact image of what I was hoping to portray with this collection.

For Spring Summer 2012, the Joanna, is the Rambling Shoe.  Mont Blanc is only a start.  Follow me as Joanna travels the world!

Wherever, my shoes go, they make women feel and look confident and sexy.

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