Joanna Climbs Mont Blanc – France

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and rises 4000m+ above sea level. Not only is it a huge tourist attraction because of it’s beauty (Mont Blanc means ‘White Mountain’), many people use it for mountaineering, hiking and paragliding. From the bottom of the mountain, before you board the Chamonix (50+ person ski lift, packed like sardines) ; if you look to the peak you may see a rainbow of  Paragliders, glistening in the cloudless sky.  The trip to the top can take over 40 minutes and is very “cosy.”  There are a number of stops that you can get off, on the way to the top.  Even though it’s a mission to reach the peak, it is worth the trouble.  The photo speaks for itself… This is the Debut Picture of the SS12 Rambling Shoe – Joanna.

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