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Without writing, every generation would have to start from scratch. Philosophers would have no Plato Mathematicians, no Newton Scientists, no Einstein Actor’s, no Shakespeare. And your descendant’s wouldn’t even know where you were buried. Or that you lived at all. But more importantly, you would not know about Jock Fairweather Shoes. Please spread the word – Tell your friends, and their friends about:    / !

Jock Fairweather SS12 Campaign Shot – Featuring the Joanna.


My final run in of Design shows for this week was the 100% Design Fair. I left the biggest for last and I’m not sure my leg’s were as keen as my mind was. What I didn’t realize, was that, this was a fair for interior’s and product design – all the more interesting! There were some pretty amazing ideas… I have posted some of the Images I took on my BB, on Twitter – like a Life Size Rhinoceros Mould Chair…

Here is a list of what I really liked from my final London Design Festival Exhibition, for 2011.

Axo – (Amazing Lighting)

Lana+Savettiere – (Fun Industrial Design)

Maximoriera – (Ridiculous Chairs)

Paperself – (Super Creative Eyelash Creations)

Polish Design Studio – ( What I call Industrial Design)

Andreea Mandrescu – (Innovative and exquisite Fabric manipulation)

What a great finish to the week. Have a super weekend – Joanna is loving her travelling weekends!… When she isn’t stuck in castles.

I hope you enjoyed what you saw as much as I enjoyed finding it!

My  Spring Summer 2012 collection, was inspired by architecture and the sunshine. The architectural lines came directly from some of my favourite architects – in particular –  Zaha Hadid. The lines are long and straight with curved edges, there is a lot of layering and overlapping surfaces.  I  believe  that shoe design is not what you can put on the shoe, but the shapes that you can make.

The colours of my Spring Summer Collection 2012, in particular the blue, orange and coral are the colours that I relate to from the Sunshine State  where I grew up.  That wonderful place  Queensland! The purple and grey are more chic, but still make a dramatic statement.  Each style is available in full nude and full black – for the more conservative. The spring summer collection, is a real eye catcher and I hope you love it as much as I do.

Joanna Incarcerated in Chllion Castle – Switzerland.  The Bernese conquered the Vaud Region and occupied Chillion in 1536. For more than 260 years the castle was used as a fortress, arsenal and prison. After retreating from the castle, they have now returned and taken Joanna Captive.

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In between all of my meetings this week, I have been fitting in as many visits to exhibitions and places that are part of London Design Festival. I have come across some very interesting and inspiring exhibitions, shops and creations. Here are a list of the things I saw and Loved during the first few days at LDF.


Southbank exhibition Centre shop; (The perfect shop to waste money on things you don’t need but want!)

Oxo Tower ; (Eating, shopping, relaxing, artists and creatives)

Loco Mocean; (Huge money wasting shop, hilarious though!)

International Exhibition-

Across from the Oxo Tower, The African Caribbean design diaspora;

Gary Marsh  (African inspired sculptures – exaggerated faces, softly toned but with a huge presence within the room)

Berjo Mouanga; (Digital artwork printed on shirts, cinema history and film posters from four different countries)

Jeremy Salmon; (Beautiful, vibrant paintings on canvas)

Lindsay Robertson; (Amazing photography work)

The African Caribbean exhibition was really touching and the people involved chose very inspiring, emotional subjects. It was an interesting exhibition and I recommend spending that extra 30 minutes of your time, here, which is guaranteed to make your day.


Mr Jones Watches; – very creative and interesting watches. and

Last Night was the Jock Fairweather SS12 Launch Party at Mahiki!

After a nervous start, the Club really started to fill out and we were very happy with the number of people who showed up to support!

Mahiki put on free drinks, there were amazing girls in Jock Fairweather Heels and the setting was perfect. There was a diverse crowd – Fashion people – Gail Sorronda, Journalists, Photographers, Architects, Press, Models and Business people. Overall the night was a huge success and was alot of fun!

Thank you so much to everyone that came, it is really appreciated!

Next season, the event will be bigger and better.

The Stunning Vera, wearing the ”Joanna’s

Some of the Gorgeous support team!

The Beautiful Emily, wearing the “Georgia’s

Check out for more photo’s !

At the moment both London Fashion Week and London Design Festival are on. It is a very hectic time for all involved and an amazing opportunity to meet people and gain inspiration! London Fashion Week has promised to be huge for Jock Fairweather. Mahiki is throwing a party for Jock Fairweather on Monday night (for the Debut SS12 collection launch and also because it’s LFW!) and there are some meetings booked with very very important people later in the week!

London Design Festival is a great time to gather inspiration and also to find great brands that you never knew existed. LDF includes all creatives. So far, I have checked out and LOVED – Superleggera (unbelievable engineer and design work with carbon fibre, not to mention super nice people) and Alessi (Italian home product design, which collaborates with well known Architects).

Fashion at LDF.I made a list, which I love to do – so that I could visit every LDF exhibit I wanted throughout this busy week. My first stop was the Darkroom and what a way to start!

Darkroom is a concept store that has a collection of eclectic and AMAZING accessories.

My two choices;

Stay tuned to hear how the Jock Fairweather Launch party was and why NOT to miss the AW Launch party!

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and rises 4000m+ above sea level. Not only is it a huge tourist attraction because of it’s beauty (Mont Blanc means ‘White Mountain’), many people use it for mountaineering, hiking and paragliding. From the bottom of the mountain, before you board the Chamonix (50+ person ski lift, packed like sardines) ; if you look to the peak you may see a rainbow of  Paragliders, glistening in the cloudless sky.  The trip to the top can take over 40 minutes and is very “cosy.”  There are a number of stops that you can get off, on the way to the top.  Even though it’s a mission to reach the peak, it is worth the trouble.  The photo speaks for itself… This is the Debut Picture of the SS12 Rambling Shoe – Joanna.

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